Compiling the OCALA Proxy

Please run the script to compile the OCALA proxy. This script performs the following tasks:

  1. Compiles the OCALA proxy and all available OC-Ds.

  2. Generates configuration files and places them in OCALA/generic_proxy/config_files. Please note that the default configuration files in OCALA/generic_proxy/config_files are tailored to Linux and Windows (Main difference is the tun device configuration). If you do not run the quickStart script, you must run manually.

  3. Launches the graphical configuration wizard if Java is found or else prompts you to enter a name for your machine using a limited command line configuration tool.

You must then install the tun kernel extension by running


You need to do this only once on a particular machine.

You can then run OCALA_proxy by going to the OCALA/generic_proxy directory and executing the command sudo ./OCALA_proxy -c.