Overlay Convergence Architecture for Legacy Applications

Nov 22, 2006: Website redesigned.

OCALA Secure Connections

OCALA Secure Connection allows you to communicate securely even if you are connected to the Internet through an insecure wireless link, prone to eavesdroppers. This is typically the case when you are surfing the Internet from a hotspot, say in a cafe.


The OCALA proxy running on the laptop is configured to relay all traffic to a gateway server over an encrypted channel. The gateway relays the traffic to the actual destination. OCALA Secure Connections sends traffic to the gateway over a simple IP-in-IP encapsulation overlay called RSPTunnelOCD. The encryption is achieved through OCALA's security protocol.

We currently run multiple gateways on PlanetLab. We use the OASIS and www.closestnode.com anycast services to redirect you to the gateway closest to you. The active gateways are displayed on the map below:

OCALA Secure Connection is similar to the Secure WiFi service offered by Google.

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