Overlay Convergence Architecture for Legacy Applications

Nov 22, 2006: Website redesigned.

Remote Client Proxy

The OCALA remote client proxy allows you to access overlay (for example, i3) hosts without installing any OCALA software on your machine. The hostname in the URL you wish to access is suffixed with .ocalaproxy.net:8040. The ocalaproxy.net domain resolves to an OCALA remote client proxy R close to you. You communicate with R over pure IP. R relays the packets over the overlay to the final overlay destination. It acts as a bridge between IP and the overlay network. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Remote Client Proxy operations

The machine dilip.pli3 is accessible only over i3. You can access dilip.pli3 by clicking on the following link:

(A photo album of one of the OCALA team members will open up in a new window.)

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